ASEAN Career Fair with Japan 2020: International Symposium

The Role of Japan in Nurturing Talent in Southeast Asia

In cooperation with Singapore Management University & The International Academic Forum

Date: Friday, February 07, 2020
Location: Function Room, Level 6, Administration Building, Singapore Management University

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the symposium and networking reception for the ASEAN Career Fair with Japan 2020 at the Singapore Management University. With the Career Fair in its 8th year, since Osaka University set it up in 2013 as part of the Japanese Ministry of Education’s “Reinventing Japan” project, we will be this year revisiting a fundamental theme of the fair: How can Japanese institutions and businesses play a meaningful role in nurturing future talents in Southeast Asia?

We are hoping that this symposium would be a place of dialogue and information exchange. There will be 5 panelists, preceded by a welcoming address by His Excellency Ambassador Jun Yamazaki of Japan and an introductory remark by Dr Joseph Haldane, the chairman of the International Academic Forum.
We look forward to seeing you there.


15:30 Introductory remarks
Dr Joseph Haldane, International Academic Forum
Haruko Satoh, Osaka University

16:00 Welcome Address by Mr Jun Yamazaki, Japanese Ambassador to Singapore

16:05 Panel presentations

Lessons for Japan from the ASEAN Career Fair
Haruko Satoh, Professor, Osaka School of International Public Policy
Osaka University

Challenges of Japanese Language Training and Education in Southeast Asia
Izumi Walker, Deputy Director, Centre for Language Studies
National University of Singapore

New Challenges for Greater Innovation and Business Generation with Japan
Yoshi Mitsui, CEO, CLO Labs, Singapore
Innovation and Business Generation in Singapore

17:00 Panel Discussion and Q&A

17:30 View from a Japanese company
Yoshiya (Josh) Hara, General Manager, Human Resource Department
Human Capital Development Division, Dai-ichi Life Insurance

17:45 Q&A and closing remarks