Seamless Education in Thailand

The education continuum in Thailand is currently marred by challenges brought forth by its intricate education system, cultural and social diversity, and globalisation. Confronting these challenges and transforming education into an uninterrupted learning experience, what is known as "Seamless Education", is imperative to promoting Thailand's educational landscape as a learning paradigm and a future where transitions within Thai education are imperceptible and learning experiences are interwoven without interruption. This panel titled "Seamless Education in Thailand" will discuss a four-pronged strategic blueprint designed to ensure fluidity and robustness within the educational system: (a) formulating a strategic plan that harnesses the power of science, research, and innovation; (b) designing an operational mechanism for the implementation of this plan; (c) formulating an engagement strategy to foster collaboration among education stakeholders; and (d) drafting a communication plan to share progress and insights. By focusing on these pillars, the panel aims to address current obstacles obstructing the path to making education in Thailand a continuous journey of growth, including the diverse needs of each learner and the rapidly changing global landscape. The ultimate objective is to transform Thai education into an ecosystem that is not only responsive but also regenerative, equipping learners with the necessary skills to thrive and adapt in an interconnected world.

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Posted by IAFOR